About Unselfishly Me

The idea for this course began when I was being interviewed by Keri Bainborough on her podcast, Walking with Wildflowers. We talked about all things body positivity, “I am enough”, and about me being a self love trainer. We had such an amazing chat and I was so passionate and happy about what I had shared. When I went onto Instagram straight afterwards, a very close friend had put up a story about how she needed to lose weight quickly in two weeks before her birthday and was looking for tips. I replied “love yourself more”, to which she replied, “I can’t”. That broke my heart! I quickly took it to WhatsApp and told her that I wanted to help her. She was having a terrible day of hating her body, and wasn’t really sure if she wanted my help. I asked her to watch a video (which you will be watching in this course), and she said she would. While I was in my yoga class, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and wondering if she was going to watch it and if something would click for her. I came out and she’d replied saying she had watched it and that it was incredible! She was in, my heart burst! I knew I could help her on the road to loving herself deep down. I started sending her mantras, podcasts and videos to watch as part of her homework. For the first time she was motivated! I went home and two hours later, I knew what I had to do. If I could make her feel hopeful, excited and slightly changed in two hours, imagine what I could do in two months!

From there, I started compiling all the different content that you will be experiencing in this course over the next eight weeks. I wanted it to have aspects of everything I have found interesting, motivating, uplifting, insightful and most importantly, fun. That is how Unselfishly Me was born.