My Facebook manager got hacked ????

How secure is your Facebook? Instagram? 

It has been a crazy 6 days! I wanted to let you know what happened to us so you can protect your account and yourself! 

My friend was hacked on her Facebook and they got access to her business manager. That is where we control our business pages and do our adverts. It therefore also has our credit card details! It’s where we have access to EVERYTHING including Instagram accounts linked to our pages. She was an admin on my business manager too, so they got access to that which had my Gi Jane and Unselfishly Me pages in it. They removed me as admin on my own pages AND the business manager as well.

They then started running adverts on my business manager and credit card! They got declined by my bank because I didn’t have enough funds thank goodness! They tried R4500 R4700 R4800. The adverts are still going on Facebook, which means Facebook is still wracking up the charges! It’s sitting at R54 670,35 right now!!! So you can see why I’m so stressed. Also not having access to my pages to work and promote my retreat, boxes and cards is very stressful. 

So how can you secure your account?

1. Make sure you have two-factor authentication on so that you get sent a code via sms when someone tries to log in and you need that code.

2. If you have business pages, make sure the security is set for ALL admins to have two-factor authentication. It’s no use having a weak link.

3. If you can, have a friend be an admin on your page so they can add you back! I have no one, so I can’t get added back on!

4. NEVER click dodgy links, or reply to DM’s from “Instagram” about copyright.

My poor friend has had it WAY worse than me so we need to send her all the love! Her credit card went through and they took her personal Facebook and Instagram and access from her client pages. So I am very lucky compared to her. She also had two-factor on, and so did I, so we are dealing with experienced hackers!

I am trying to find the spiritual lessons in this and I think I have:

I have been told to slow down for ages, and haven’t really. So without those two pages I have less work to do in theory, however I feel like I now have to work harder to try get my stuff seen! Which brings me to lesson number 2… COMMUNITY! If you listened to my Astrology podcast with Luna Finula you’d know thats the word of 2021 and I was soon keen to use it as mine. So here I am, asking You, my community, for help! Asking you to share my Instagram posts and podcasts, and this newsletter so some of your friends can see my beautiful products and maybe buy them. I would really appreciate the help to get some eyes on my products since I am losing out on thousands of potential Facebook customers!

So Thank You, for reading if you’re still this far, and sharing because I really need the help right now.

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All my love,

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