I am so excited to finally launch my podcast with all of you!

This podcast is all about self love, self care and everything in between. I will be interviewing some amazing people and finding out their journey to self love and tips for all of you.

Ep 54 – Self Love with Stephanie Mcmahon of WWE

In this episode I was one of the lucky ladies on a zoom call with Stephanie McMahon of WWE fame. We were able to chat to her about International Women’s Day and ask all about…

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Ep 53 – My 12-18 month Pey Pey update

In this episode I am finally doing my 12-18 month baby update! The fact that it is a month overdue just shows you what its like having an 18 month old…. Busy! She is a…

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Ep 52 – Integrated Healing with Kay

In this episode I chat to Kay from Self Connections about Integrated Healing! I have been wanting to speak to some of my favourite healers that I go to for ages, so I am so…

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Ep 51 – Welcome to 2021!

Welcome to 2021! I thought I should do a little update on how my 2021 has begun. With a bit of a bang! It felt slow but then in typical me fashion it has sped…

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Ep 50 – 2020 Wrap Up

In this episode I am wrapping up 2020! Saying goodbye to the year that was and wasn’t. I chat to Luna Finula again about ending her year being Covid-19 positive and the lessons she’s learnt…

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