I am so excited to finally launch my podcast with all of you!

This podcast is all about self love, self care and everything in between. I will be interviewing some amazing people and finding out their journey to self love and tips for all of you.

Ep 37 – POWcast on Heaviness

Welcome to the POWcast episode! Every alternate week I’ll be doing a mini podcast episode, a little POW of info for you. This week I talk about HEAVINESS! I heard a quote the other day…

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Ep 36 – Mom Life, Entrepreneur Life and Self Love with Shanèy

In this episode we are chatting to Shanèy Vijendranath from You, Baby and I. She is an amazing blogger, entrepreneur, mother and community creator.  We talk about everything self love, momming, starting your own business…

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Self Love Meditation

In this episode we are doing a Self Love Meditation! So find a quiet space, and get comfortable for this self love journey. You can find us on social media: www.instagram.com/unselfishlyme www.facebook.com/UnselfishlyMe Find out more…

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Ep 35 – POWcast on Journaling

In this episode we are chatting about JOURNALING! How? Why? Who? Is it really that effective to clearing out the clutter in our minds and helping with our mental wellness?  Yes, yes it is! Have…

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Ep 34 – 9-12 Months Update

In this episode we are chatting about my last 3 months of motherhood before she turned 1! Welcome to the 9-12 month Pey Pey update! So much changes and happens so quickly from 9 months.…

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