I am so excited to finally launch my podcast with all of you!

This podcast is all about self love, self care and everything in between. I will be interviewing some amazing people and finding out their journey to self love and tips for all of you.

Ep 50 – 2020 Wrap Up

In this episode I am wrapping up 2020! Saying goodbye to the year that was and wasn’t. I chat to Luna Finula again about ending her year being Covid-19 positive and the lessons she’s learnt…

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Ep 49 – Retreat Yourself

In this episode I am chatting about my Self Love Retreat! I just got back and it was such a special time with some special humans. It has been such a tough year and I…

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Ep 48 – Teaching in a pandemic

In this episode I am chatting to the unsung heroes of 2020 in my opinion… teachers! We have all had a rough year but these superheroes have had to take on multiple roles and adapt…

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Ep 47 – 2021 Astro Intentions with Luna Finula

In this episode I am chatting to Luna Finula, again, about Astro! We are doing a quick little 2021 Astro Intentions. I want to wind down this year thinking about next year and choose a…

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Ep 46 – Chakras 101

In this episode I am chatting about Chakras! What are they? What do they do? Where are they? And why do I need to know? What colour are you wearing right now? Is it red,…

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