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  • Beginner Yoga Online Program


    Have you always wanted to try yoga but been intimidated to go to a class?

    Have you tried a class but been lost following the poses!?

    This beginner series will help you from the mat up!

    We will go through exactly how to do each pose slowly and safely, eventually building up to short flows.

    You’ll gain the confidence to start your yoga practice and keep building on it for the future


  • Gi Jane Movement Challenge


    Start your movement journey with these simple and fun body weight and band exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home!

    Jane has been a personal trainer for 14 years and this is what she has found to work the most with her clients over the years

  • Workout Sliders


    Use these sliders for a full body workout on tiles, wood or carpet!

    There’s a video on my IGTV or you can search any youtube video and get your sweat on in a fun way!



    Khosi is currently in her 2nd year of her teaching diploma and needs help with her fees.

    We need to raise R7500 and while I can’t pay for it myself, I can give my time and expertise!

    So I am doing a yoga class with Khosi and YOU can help us! We will both have microphones on us and if you know Khosi, you’ll know the commentary is going to be HILARIOUS!

    This is a beginner friendly class so please share with everyone! The video will be sent to you as you buy, from Friday 22 July

    Thank you for your support!

    Jane & Khosi