I am so excited to finally launch my podcast with all of you!

This podcast is all about self love, self care and everything in between. I will be interviewing some amazing people and finding out their journey to self love and tips for all of you.

Episode 13 – Dear Pey Pey

This is a love letter to my baby, Peyton. I wanted something for her to always have in case anything happened to me. I recorded it and saved it, but thought that it would be…

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Episode 12 – Self Love and Social Media with Punkystarfish

In this episode we are chatting to Punkystarfish! Otherwise known as Justine, but everyone calls her Punky! She’s a panda-loving, social media agency-owning bad ass with a heart of gold! We talk about her journey…

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Episode 11 – Healthy eating and self love with Jo Hill

In this episode we are chatting to Jo Hill from Pull Ups and Peanut Butter. She’s all about health and fitness and making healthy treats for her sweet tooth. She believes in not restricting yourself,…

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Episode 10 – Fat shaming, skinny shaming and fit shaming

In this episode we are chatting about body shaming! I am joined by Delia, Cath and Siobhan and they are talking about fit shaming, fat shaming and skinny shaming. Listen to their experiences of body…

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Episode 8 – My birth story

In this episode I am talking all about my birth story! So many people have asked me why I chose, how I chose and every other detail, so I thought I would share my story…

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