I am so excited to finally launch my podcast with all of you!

This podcast is all about self love, self care and everything in between. I will be interviewing some amazing people and finding out their journey to self love and tips for all of you.

Ep 33 – POWcast on Boundaries

Welcome to the first POWcast episode! Every alternate week I’ll be doing a mini podcast episode, a little POW of info for you. Little nuggets of wisdom to get you thinking and a taste of…

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Ep 32 – Dear Pey Pey, Happy Birthday

In this episode I am celebrating my biggest milestone yet, Pey Pey’s First Birthday!  I can’t believe she is ONE! This has been the hardest, most challenging, most incredible, most grounding, most spiritual, most worthwhile…

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Ep 31 – What is Human Design?

In this episode we are chatting about Human Design, what it is, how it can impact your life and how do you get it done? I find Human Design fascinating! If you’re into the Enneagram…

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Ep 30 – 6-9 month update

Can you handle that Pey has been around for 9 months? It feels so strange sometimes. I do a little update on what months 6-9 have been like and what the little character has been…

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Ep 29 – Self Love and Unselfishly Me with Gi Jane

In this episode I am in the hot seat! I’m being interviewed by my friend Punky just as I would interview my guests. It was a bit nerve wracking being on the other side, I…

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